Our team of technicians is actively involved in the provision of advisory services aimed at the improvement of the processes of manufacture and production of the associated companies, the increase of the degree of efficiency, the business organization, the eco-environmental performance and improvement of the corporate image, contributing therefore, an important and strategic value to our partners. In addition, These services are offered with a very competitive price and advantageous cost on the market, due to the commitment made by the General Secretariat for its partners.


  1. Reports and surveys
  2. Design and calculation of structures
  3. Design, development and implementation of projects of r + d + i
  4. Elaboration, design and implementation of engineering projects and construction management (all types of structures)
  5. Management of forests and game management projects
  6. Implementation, monitoring and audit internal to management systems based on ISO standards (certification of processes: ISO 9001 -Of quality management, ISO 14001 -Of environmental management and ISO 50001 -Of energy management.
  7. Implementation, monitoring and internal audit for production Control systems (certification of products): Legislation links in, for manufacture of wood products, with structural applications or not (sawn timber, wood and laminate, posts, etc.)
  8. Implementation, monitoring and internal audit for forest certification (Sustainable forest management - GFS and chain of custody, According to PEFC and FSC standards)
  9. Development of plans of export and overseas promotion activities
  10. Organization of specialized training courses
  11. Planning of digital marketing and social media: web positioning, social media management, corporate blog, systems seo - sem.

ANEPROMA has a legal department that provides personalised advice to all partners in the following topics:

  1. Taxation
  2. Labour
  3. Commercial
  4. Financial
  5. Other technical aspects