The National Association of companies of timber protection (ANEPROMA), national and non-profit association, emerges as link's interprofessional Union It brings together production companies, transforming or involved in the conservation and protection of the wood and its derivatives, with the aim of defend the interests of nature commercial, Economic and technical of their Members, along with the promotion of everything concerning the promotion of prestige, harmony and collaboration between partners.

ANEPROMA is also a body that homogenize views, attitudes and strategies between employers and, Therefore, It is able to establish mechanisms of intermediation between the Administration and socio-economic actors, as well as, intervene in competitive modernization of this sector.

In this sense, and taking into account that entrepreneurs can intervene, individually or collectively, in the economic market and the socio-political sphere, is of great interest for companies to use a specific channel that joins efforts in order to obtain outstanding relevant search results, efficient and proven efficacy.

Therefore, the advantages and benefits partner with ANEPROMA they can be set in two areas, on the one hand, which derive from the presence of the Association at the sectoral level that indirectly will affect companies and, on the other hand, at the direct level for the enterprise.

Advantages and benefits for the sector (indirect business)

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Benefits and direct benefits for the enterprise

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