ANEPROMA in their continuous struggle for the treated wood industry, as a representative at the national level, and trying to partner companies to continue their path to qualification and professional training, and thereby, expand their knowledge in this or other fields, it conducive to its development and business and global positioning, It has redrawn its strategy of action to develop a new training project called:


With this platform launched in 2013, ANEPROMA aims to offer to its companies associated a broad catalog of courses in mode Online o mixed (e-learning and face-to-face) mainly, Although also will continue performing as usual, classroom courses. All the courses offered, regardless of its modality, they may be General and/or specific, Basic and/or specialized and will be published continuously on the website in the section on training online. Likewise, There is the possibility of designing “courses à la carte” According to requirement of enterprises, adapting to the 100% your training needs.

  • Courses of fireproofing of wood
  • Courses of CE marking
  • Courses of Quality control of treatments
  • Course of Biology of Termes
  • Course of Intervention of wood works
  • Standards courses: UNE16636, Diligence due, Technical building code
  • Other courses