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ANEPROMA periodically performs a wide variety of courses aimed at the qualification of professionals involved in the proactive protection (autoclave or dip tanks) and healing (rehabilitation) as well as, as any other topic related to our industry (treatment and industrial wood), both face-to-face and online, and mixed mode or semi - eye.


In addition, Since the 2013, ANEPROMA received accreditation from the Tripartite Foundation for training in employment, to manage the training their associated/grouped companies through the formation of Social Security credit.


This new action has allowed any company's ANEPROMA You can use or benefit from the amount which pays annually for training their workers, and that is reflected, Social security contribution bulletins (TC1), that varies depending on the template that present the company.


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Coinciding with this new activity, ANEPROMA has developed a Training E-learning platform eminently technique, oriented to offer comprehensive and customized training to professionals of the industry of wood, through a broad and extensive catalog of online courses and semi-present that You can access both associated as non-associated companies.


Courses they may be subsidized for workers who are listed in General Scheme of the companies, allowing the deduction of the total social insurance, If they opt to conduct training using credit available for the year in course. The associated companies to ANEPROMA, You can access the courses at lower prices, by having this condition.