Depending on the species of wood and the location or exhibition that will present the material during its life, determines the behavior that aggressors will present the various elements of wood against organisms.


Not infrequently, due to the choice of commercial timber species, whose main source are temperate latitudes – Boreal, the natural durability of wood is not sufficient to ensure its persistence in optimal conditions during its commissioning. It must be, in these cases, When you decide to make a protective treatment to increase the durability Depending on the impregnability.


The choice of the protective treatment to be applied to the wood should be considered, as entry information, the potential damage that may affect it in service. As this is a direct result of the location, and this, at the same time, the wood moisture content conditions, This parameter to be one of the more influence they presented in certain insects and wood destroying fungi attack, It will be one of the variables that with more attention and caution must be determined and considered.


The design of treatment must, at the same time, consider the following variables, that it determine the nature and quality of protection extra provided to the wood, which results in increasing the durability above the value that natural and intrinsically presents the material:


  • The species must be impregnable. If this condition is not, the rest of the process is an important, Therefore we will not introduce the protective solution to the required depth.


  • Guard against the threat of biological efficiency. The chosen product must guarantee protection against biological risk that is presented in the work.


  • Penetration. The depth reached by the guard on the inside of the wood, measured in mm, It should be sufficient, According to the exhibition, to guarantee resistance against certain xylophagous attack. This parameter is closely related to the significantly.


  • Retention. The amount of protective solution that is impregnated with the volume of wood inside, measured in kg/m3, It must be, at least, the manufacturer's recommended, as this ensures the effectiveness of the treatment for the life of the wood, biological agents that they protects the wood.