The next Saturday 6 of October in the Municipal Theatre of Almodovar's field,  a meeting of professionals of the livestock sector will take place, hunting and wood, technical Congress in which, ANEPROMA It will present the final balance of results obtained during the last 12 months within the framework of the project being developed in the region of the Valley of Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, framed within the PROGRAM EMPLEAVERDE (2007-2013) of THE BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION  attached to the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND ENVIRONMENT, and co-financed by the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND.

With this so-called Congress"Techniques and measures for grazing as a management tool in mountains of Sierra Madrona and Valley of Alcudia"",  closes the cycle of technical workshops that began in mid-April in the same enclave, for promote the use of the resources of the Valley of Alcudia and Sierra Madrona as a source of social benefits, environmental and economic guarantors of the sustainability of the region e inform the need to bet on a cattle ranching as a tool in the fight against forest fires, and approach, the knowledge on the potential of wood as a building block forming and training to workers in the area and generating new entrepreneurial initiatives that advocate the use in the time of traditional products.

The duration of the Congress will be of 5 hours, of 9:30 to 15:00 h  and it will be attended by experts with great career to address with technical precision, each of the papers exhibit:

 First, the Lleida architect D. Josep Bunyesc, expert in the design andEntramado lana construction/construction of ecological housing- sustainable fibres from wood and wool from sheep and first plates Fachada lanaArchitect in getting certified in Spain, a House as passive passive or solar house,  We will talk about the uses of this material, the wool of sheep like eco-friendly insulation - term in construction.

 In the second paper, D. Francisco Ayuga, Professor of the higher technical schoolInfraestructuras agropecuarias of agricultural engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, It will seek to address the reuse of infrastructure and buildings linked to the rural world by linking with the environmental component and the benefit that it is.

 In third place, We will focus on the study of the use of grazing as a tool of control and prevention of forest fires, presentation in charge of D. José Antonio Suárez, Head of section of defence againstIncendios forestales fire in the community of Madrid, It will expose the case given in this community and its implementation for use in the region of the Valley of Alcudia and Sierra Madrona.

 And finally, D. Urban Pedro Herrero, President of the Association that leads the mark of quality "Meat of the Alcudia Valley" will end the round of exhibitions, reporting on the current situation and future prospects of the brand.

At the same time, the Honorary President of ANEPROMA, D. Jaime Alcácer will be given the awards to the winners of the contest held in the framework of the same project: ""Best project for new construction and rehabilitation of livestock infrastructure in Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona"."

In the course of the same Act, a copy of the following documents will be provided to each of the attendees: 

– Practical guide for the implementation of livestock infrastructure and its consequences in the management in the Valley of Alcudia and Sierra Madrona.
– Diagnostic study the current situation of the agricultural sector and infrastructure associated with the area of the Valley of Alcudia and Sierra Madrona.
– Dossier of all the proposals submitted to the competition of the prize.

For more information, about the programme and registration please contact the Secretariat of ANEPROMA on the phone 626 348 163 or through the project's website

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