The National Association of protection of timber companies companies offers a new service for the identification of wood species.

ANEPROMA with this new service will allow companies in the sector, Administration, consuming wood products companies, etc. the ability to see wood species. In such a way that the wood received in a factory or on a construction site can be checked if it corresponds to the wood applied for..

In the same way, For companies that are dedicated to rehabilitation will be able to know the species of wood that is installed in the work and thus, to be able to specify what physical and resistant characteristics it has or simply to know if it can be treated or to be able to replace wooden elements with the same species.

ANEPROMA completes with this new service, The options for wood companies and consumers to have sufficient tools for wood quality control.

The services provided for quality control:

 Analysis and identification by reporting of wood species
 Analysis and reporting of penetration for treated wood
 Analysis and reporting of retention for treated wood

To consult rates of testing and shipment of samples please contact the Secretariat of ANEPROMA, via email,