The past 17 April, at the Municipal Theatre of Almodóvar del Campo (Ciudad Real), DNA. Pilar Vargas, Provincial Coordinator of the Peripheral Service of Agriculture held the opening of the technical conference "The Recovery and Conservation of Grazing and its Infrastructures in the Alcudia Valley"". The opening ceremony was also attended by the Excmo. Mayor of Almodóvar del Campo, D. Jose Lozano and the President of ANEPROMA, D. Benoit Jobbe-Duval.

DNA. Pilar Vargas focused her speech on the appropriateness of the initiative developed by ANEPROMA and in the "need to sustainably manage the natural environment of the Alcudia Valley environment"", welcoming with great pleasure "the use of wood to carry out all the infrastructure deemed necessary"". On the other hand, Sr. Lozano showed his full support for the executed project that ANEPROMA in the region of Valle de Alcudia "The wood in the recovery of tradition with future"", due to the recent approval of this territory as a Natural Park and the appropriateness of the use of wood to promote sustainable rural development and conservation of a value so appreciated today, How is the visual quality of the landscape. Finally, D. Benoit Jobbe-Duval, President of ANEPROMA He focused his speech on the importance and benefits of a material as noble as wood and so present in the area in "The wonderful mountains that comprise it"". His speech was accompanied by a multitude of examples and fundamentals for considering wood as the material suitable for the recovery of infrastructures linked to grazing.

Within this first Technical Conference of the project promoted by ANEPROMA and co-financed by EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND, through the PROGRAM EMPLEAVERDE (2007-2013) of the BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION, A series of presentations of technical content were presented very well received by the attendees to the same. First of all, D. Jose Miguel Solis, Project Manager, made a communication in which he justified and linked the use of wood in the livestock field, due to the existing tradition and the present and future possibilities of use. Then, D. Juan Manuel Rubio, Head of Livestock of the region, He made a complete and rigorous public exhibition of the characteristics and conditions found by farmers in the area, Pointing out solutions to achieve future viability. After a short break, DNA. Raquel Sobrino, by ASAJA, He explained the conditions and requirements, as well as future trends of all the topics related to agri-environmental aid that are allowing the implementation of good agricultural practices in the area. Then, D. Jabier Ruiz-Mirazo, Dr. Ingeniero de Montes delighted the audience with a masterful presentation about the potential of the use of livestock as a tool for controlling vegetation in firebreak areas and the success that these initiatives have shown in other Spanish regions. Finally, D. Claro Gª Minguillán, Director of the Rural Development Centre of Valle de Alcudia, He made a lively and very interesting presentation of how the resident population should act, the mechanisms of action and the initiatives that must be taken to achieve the development of regions with the characteristics of the Alcudia Valley. The Technical Conference ended with an instructive colloquium among the attendees, in which problems and proposals for solutions were discussed about the topics touched.

For more information, on the project and the actions that are being carried out contact the secretariat of ANEPROMA on the phone 626 348 163 or through the project's website

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