From the 1 September of 2013 It has entered into force the EU regulation 528/2012, concerning the marketing and use of biocidal products. The entry into force of this regulation involves sector compliance with the provisions of the same, among others, the labelling of treated wood products, as described in the Article 58 of the regulation.

Like this, in all the Member countries Since the 1 September of 2013 wood materials products enable insecticides or fungicides they must wear a tag visible, in the official language of the country in which it is marketed and durable the product indicating at least the following fields specified:

• Article
• Property biocide
• Active substances containing
• Nanomaterials, If incorporated them in its composition
• Instructions for use of the treated product

The autonomous communities will be the responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulation and the proper labelling of products.

The associated companies to ANEPROMA anticipation of the regulation have developed label model that incorporated all the products that will be treated at their facilities.