SentriTech always active provides active and ongoing protection against subterranean termites from the first day of treatment, with its innovative HD matrix which is 10 times more palatable than wood for termites.

Dow AgroSciences continues to innovate, and has developed SENTRITECH always active, a new technology of baits against subterranean termites with great advantages that will mark the difference in treatments against this destructive pest.

Termite "could collapse a building. The control of termites in buildings costs year million euros and mainly affects the old districts of cities, both private homes and public buildings (It is estimated that a 80% of these last is affected)"it said in its annual Observatory ANECPLA.

The new technology of SentriTech Always active It allows continuous active protection of any building, even complete urban helmets, from the first day of treatment, allowing a more rapid elimination of the colonies of termites and new invasive colonies protection.


This is achieved by the addition of a premium on long HD bait matrix and 10 times more palatable for termites that wood.


Always-active SentriTech is implemented with great success in USA and other countries. Now comes to Spain after numerous studies and field in Europe during the last tests 4 years.


Dow AgroSciences and SANITRADE, exclusive distributor of the system SentriTech in Spain and Portugal, They presented this new technology the 13 April-the companies certified SentriTech. This Conference was attended by more than 100 people, including certified companies, treatments for termites of the sector experts, INIA and reference of wood certification seals (AITIM).


Present in the Spanish market since makes 20 years, SentriTech was the pioneer in elimination of colonies of subterranean termites, and it continues to be the global leader, including Spain. Now, in 2018, It initiates a new stage with the most advanced technology available on the market.


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