WOODAPP, THE first application for iPhone and iPad in the SECTOR of LA MADERA

ANEPROMA, National Association of companies of timber protection, in collaboration with the leading company in engineering and ICT of the wood industry, WOOD SOLUTIONS, S.L., It launches the first application for iPhone and iPad from the timber industry, WOODAPP.
This new initiative, developed by the binomial ANEPROMA-WS aims to revolutionize the industry, generating a new conception of the same through its adaptation to new technologies, Can you imagine what? 

WOODAPP has the following features:
  • Through a specific module of wood treatment carries out and supports the entire process of the decision making in the prescription del treatment, even the determination of the kind of use that potentially can be used wood element into consideration, from the response to a series of simple questions.
  •  Makes available to all stakeholders and market information additional to decision-making on the allocation of protective treatments such as, on the one hand, the references of the manufacturing companies and the treatment of wood-related advice, as well as its location and, on the other hand, a catalogue of publications of interest related with the sector of protection in wood.
How long have you lost looking for regulatory, gleaning, etc. for the last updated regulations and who interprets it?
WOODAPP It is an updated application that allows you to get with a single click, and in accordance with the legislation in force, all the necessary information about engineering in wood
It is enough the treatment prescribed in the specification??
WOODAPP born with the objective of allow a valid response to this and other questions which is usually done wood professional.
WOODAPP It is necessary e essential for Architects, engineers, prescribers, promoters and all professional It design, calculate or intervene on structures or construction details with wooden elements.
Have always at hand WOODAPP on your Smartphone for you, to the scope of a key, anywhere, You can learn anything you want about the wood and its treatment, manufacturing companies and Advisory, as well as the what's new in publications.
In the words of José Miguel Solís Trapero, Director of WS: ""Think of WOOD SOLUTIONS, WS, It is to make a difference in an increasingly competitive market. Our goal is to provide COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS to the productive fabric of the wood sector, from innovation and through efficiency and practicality, as a seal of guarantee of our work. WOOD SOLUTIONS is a dynamic company, composed of a multidisciplinary team that, proactively, wants to bring knowledge to technicians, prescribers, professionals and administration. In collaboration with ANEPROMA puts the first specific application in the sector of wood treatment that allows a decision making in the assignment of treatments or choice of species to include in a work based on the location that is available to all users to have and additional information of interest"".
This new application is now available for iPhone e iPad and in the short term will be too for Android andBlackBerry.
It contains a list of the main species of wood (99 botanical species and 66 trade references) and durability characteristics, impregnability, etc. that you allow, through a list of easy and direct questions, determine the kind of use element, According to standard JOINS IN 335, the durability presenting the species chosen for this exhibition and one recommendation for action, the natural durability of the chosen wood and finally, a full protective treatment recommendation, where you will find information about the need, method, Protector and level of penetration (According to JOINS IN 351), to determine with criteria whether or not a wood is suitable for the requirements of the use, protective treatment and method adequate to achieve overall efficiency.
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