The National Association of companies of timber protection, ANEPROMA and your partner TECNALIA carry out the training of the company's construction managers TRAGSA.

ANEPROMA and TECNALIA, within the NATURAL PATHS Day, promoted and organized by TRAGSA for your technicians, were able to explain how to carry out quality assurance of treated wood, allowing the durability of the wood put into work.

For TRAGSA, major consumer of treated wood at the national level, it is vital to be able to ensure that your technicians when they receive the material on the construction sites, can know how to carry out internal quality controls, as well as laboratories that can perform the controls of retention and penetration analysis on wood.

To ensure the guarantee of a treatment, it is essential that the description of the species and location of the wood element is carried out to know how it should be protected, at the level of penetration and retention.

For ANEPROMA and the technology center TECNALIA, experts in quality control of treated wood this initiative, initiated by TRAGSA for several years is an important progress for the sector, because it allows to train the technicians who receive the material and thus be able to inform and train them in the quality control techniques of treated wood.

From ANEPROMA, as a sectoral association for wood treatment, it is vital that actions such as the one carried out in TRAGSA in order to unite the business sector, together with the users of the treated material, betting on quality and durability.