ANEPROMA, during the execution of the project"Enabling agricultural infrastructures Ministry practice and the prevention of forest fires in the region of Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona (Ciudad Real)"" that develops within the PROGRAM EMPLEAVERDE (2007-2013) of THE BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION  attached to the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND ENVIRONMENT, and co-financed by the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND, offer, since November of 2011 to October of 2012, a service of Personalized advice, of a non-presential nature, to workers who develop their profession in the region of Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, within the industrial timber and agricultural sector, way TOTALLY FREE for those interested recipients.


This action is essential for the achievement of the general objectives of the project undertaken by ANEPROMA:


Training workers of SMEs and freelancers for the Enabling new ones infrastructures of pastoral vocation and the rehabilitation of existing ones, to allow the use of grassland growing in areas that, today, they are not exploited, due to the lack of the same.


Train agricultural workers, as a response to the current Loss of pastoral culture, which translates into present livestock practices not recommended for the environment, as well as the recession of a profession of historical importance in Spain. Today we can and should encourage the use of livestock as a tool for controlling the biomass of our forests, Proven aspect in the prevention of forest fires.


The advice that will be provided to all workers will be remotely, through the project website ( and/or telephone. This advice is aimed at workers who want to receive information on the potential of Development of new activities within a company or Start of a business activity linked to the promotion of infrastructure in areas of livestock tradition, such as the Alcudia Valley or the improvement of techniques for livestock management. Similarly,, any worker who is interested in other topics can and should Use this advice channel, in topics related to those described or those other particular (search for sources of funding, etc.).


With this personalized and centralized advice service in the workers of the area of Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, ANEPROMA search:


– Orientate and help to workers from the area of Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, with Entrepreneurial character who want to start a new business activity, as an engine of economic development within the scope of the project.


– Provide information and advise in a particular way depending on the business area to be carried out.


– Collaborate with each other  with workers in the area to identify, What are the opportunities?, Threats, strengths and weaknesses that the region has and try to re – direct them in favor of the development of new activities, in a sustainable way with the environment.


– Visit and facilitate making contact with institutions, Local authorities (associations, cooperatives) of the area and forest authorities, to achieve joint actions that allow a greater and better knowledge of the fundamentals that support the project, the professional sectors involved and the objectives to be achieved.


– Help since ANEPROMA to entrepreneurial workers in the necessary steps for the formalization of a company.


– Collaborate in the realization of a Regional Association that encompasses, represent and encourage traditional grassroots pastoral activity, adapted to the XXI century and enhance the use of ecological construction materials with great future projection, like wood, guaranteeing its durability in any case.


– Advise in the construction or rehabilitation of livestock infrastructure, providing technical solutions to the questions that arise as well as in the design that has been raised.


– Inform on the types of native livestock species and breeds, your behavior, characteristics, Basic conditions, etc. as well as marketing opportunities for organic products.


Says Benoit Jobbe-Duval, President of ANEPROMA: ""This advisory phase is vital and essential because the success of the project depends largely on it., I mean, the information and training to be provided to collecting societies, enterprises, Priority groups, etc. through contact with the workers who constitute them. In the same way, A powerful awareness campaign will be carried out with which we intend to attract the vast majority of the working population of the region and even exceed borders through the web portal, but without a doubt, The important thing about this project is to train the recipients so that this initiative of recovery of grazing can be put into operation that seeks to contribute to the maintenance of the cleanliness of the mountains to avoid forest fires through the enabling of the necessary constructions for their exploitation. In addition, since ANEPROMA We understand this initiative as a unique opportunity to promote the development of a historic grazing area, through the sustainability of these practices and using it, wood, as a construction material, but ensuring the necessary protection, Obligatory and suitable for it, issue in which the Association I represent has been a leading organization since its foundation back in 1998.""


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