That assumes, Therefore, partner with ANEPROMA to companies knowing that you are offered directly or you can offer:


  • Facilitate contact with service providers
  • Contact of customers that are reported at the Association
  • Communication and visibility of the company: Web, social networks, newsletter, Newsletter, circular, press releases, interviews in different medium, advertising in general, etc.
  • Technical advice: legal, labour, environmental, economic, International, quality, etc.
  • Technical support: implementation of management systems (PEFC, FSC, CE marking, ISO 9001, 14001, etc), search for funding for the development of projects, realization of inspections and surveys, calculations of structures, etc.
  • Synergies between partners: common strategies, actions joint and therefore cooperation for greater cohesion and unity in the sector.
  • Support for you realization of tender documents. Specific arrangements with State or private companies, that have been tendered deficient conditions from the point of view of the Association, and whereas improving.
  • Participation in projects: cooperation with other companies or organizations, benchmarking, etc.
  • Participation in activities, events, fairs.

In short, become part of the community of ANEPROMA supposed:

  1. Be part a group of professionals, experts in the treatment of the wood market, both curative and preventive national, and its related industries.
  2. Be informed of the latest rules, laws, News and events that affect their professional activity.
  3. Enjoy of additional services (legal, administrative, economic, technical and environmental consultancy, foreign trade, marketing and advertising, etc) offering ANEPROMA.
  4. Lead social media the protection and treatment of wood.