The advantages and benefits of using ANEPROMA for the sector that represents (and therefore, indirect level for companies) they are related to the objectives of the Association and the activities that have been developed to comply with.

  • Representation, management and sectoral interests.
  • Global knowledge of the sector and general concerns and participation in the planning and identification of actions for the improvement of the sector.
  • Direct dialogue with the public administration (State and regional), corporations, institutions, foundations, centers, fairs, organizations and other entities.
  • Presence and collaboration with the organizations most directly linked to decisions that may affect them, as well as in instances that may facilitate its positioning, including at the international level.
  • Communication for visibility, knowledge and promotion of the sector and its products: events, fairs, Web, social networks, press releases, interviews, etc.


Activities or actions that are developed from ANEPROMA are framed in the following areas:

  1. Area of export and internationalisation: new opportunities, marketing, opening markets, marketing, etc.
  2. Area of training and qualification: courses, Conference, Congress, seminars in different fields and aimed at different audience.
  3. Area of collective bargaining
  4. Area of risk prevention
  5. Area of regulation and legislation
  6. Area of quality and environment: waste management, sustainable use of natural resources, Kyoto Protocol, energy efficiency, etc.
  7. Area of innovation and research of materials and production processes.
  8. Area of development projects
  9. Communication area, promotion and social media